Digital versions of the Rossford Record Journal published from 1939 - 2017 are now online.

John Kachmarik’s donation has enabled the library to have all issues of the Rossford Record Journal from 1939-2017 scanned and made available online.

The library graciously accepts Mr. Kachmarik’s gift and is grateful that he elected to remember the library in his will.

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The Northwest Ohio Narratives is a program designed by NORWELD to videotape local oral histories. Since the program's inception in 2006, over 290 interviews from 16 libraries on topics ranging from World War II to the impact of the railroad have been recorded. A direct link to Rossford's videos.

In cooperation with the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus, the Rossford Public Library has been awarded grant dollars for participating in a regional document digitization project. Documents of historical significance in our library's community will be selected to be scanned and stored digitally for preservation and ease of transfer.

Rossford High School Yearbooks
All Rossford High School yearbooks are online, 1924-2012. Click here to view the books. We don't have the yearbook for 1925. Yearbooks were not published in 1943 and 1944.

Country and Town Newspaper
The Country and Town Newspaper was a weekly journal published and edited by Mr. James Richards in Rossford, Ohio. Click here to view the paper. Although not complete, the editions that were housed at the Rossford Public Library have been digitized, containing issues from 1963-1966. The paper was sold in 1966 to David G. Willmarth when Richards took a position with the nearby Toledo Blade newspaper.

Rossford Digital Collection
Click to view the Historical Collection.

The library participates in the Rutherford B. Hayes Obituary Index. The index is maintained and hosted by the Presidential Center.

Obituaries from the Rossford Record Journal are included in the index.

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Mr. Vrablic's garden was featured in the Ohio Gardener Nov/Dec 2013 issue. Click here to read the article (PDF). Published with permission.

Mr. Vrablic's website,, has many photos of his garden.

The two murals are split into three sections each for easier viewing. The numbers and black borders were added to identify and separate each photo. Some of the photos used in the murals are part of our Historical Digital Collection. Clicking on the photo description will take you to our digital collection for a larger view of the photo.